automated email marketing

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automated email marketing


Your potential customer today is best known by its email service provider vis-a-vis you or any other search engine provider. Various intelligent filters introduced by email service providers like Priority Inbox by Gmail, Clutter feature by Outlook expects far better personalization and relevance to the end recipient.

The matrix of email marketing revolves around user’s behaviour, location, likes, dislikes and time zone. While the key in the matrix is to deliver the message that is most relavant to the recipient at that moment. Gateway Express helps you manage your lists by keeping the relevance at the top.

email marketing : ideal approch


Now picture this, you always stock your grocery on every alternative Saturday and it is your routine to walk over the store.

Out of the clutter in your inbox you spot just one message that says - Weather update which comes right on time. You pick up the message and after a while you get shopping coupons and the most precise deals in store.

As a customer you have not done anything to make your mailbox smarter but we have adapted our campaign seemlessly in favor of everything that you do.


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